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Below are instructions for setting an account to collect emails for the coming Lift-a-Thon fundraiser.  Click the button to get started.

Step 1

  • Enter your birthdate, email address and a password, and type Smyrna Football, then select “Join”

Step 2

  • Upload your photo (headshot) to be used on website

  • Enter your Mom, Dad and / or Guardian email address(s)

  • If you have your 25 emails copied in your notes or an email, copy all 25 then paste them into the box provided and select “submit”.

  • If you have your 25 emails written down, select “Switch to Single Entry” and enter them one at a time, then select “submit”.

  • Share on Facebook

  • Share on Twitter

  • Once on the “Promote via Text” page, enter your person email in the box provided for “recipient email”, insert “This is [your name]” in the message to be sent box just before “Hope all is well” and then select “submit”. Then go to your email and open the email. Copy the copy and webpage address in the top portion of the email, then go to your smart phone’s text, enter the applicable cell phone number and paste the message you just copied. Repeat this for each cell phone number you brought today.

Step 3

  • Get your parents involved tonight!

  • Your parents will have received an email letting them know your required number of emails and texts for this fundraiser and how many you have entered today. It is imperative that you get with them tonight and make sure they follow the link in that email and share your fundraiser on their Facebook as well.

  • Have your parent(s) place an order or donation for your family


State Champions 2006 & 2007 | Region Champions 2010,2020,2023 | State Finalists 2010 | Mr. Football 2005 2007 2022

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