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Our Mission- Our mission as football coaches at Smyrna High School is to help mold young men of character who display integrity on the football field, in the classroom, and in their personal lives.  We want to teach them a little bit about football, and a lot about life.



Coaches Contact Info- We ask that parents contact a coach BEFORE an absence when possible.  Parents can call or text my cell phone or email myself and any of their position coaches



Parent/Coach Guidelines


  1. We need you as a parent to reinforce the values and skills we are teaching.  Parents or fans bad mouthing what a coach or coaches are doing is a team killer and creates a cancerous situation.  A positive group of parents and fans can be a huge boost to a football program.  We all need to be pulling the same direction through good times and bad.

  2. Your expectation of the coaches should be matched by your commitment and involvement as a parent.

  3. We as coaches care about every member of our football team. We spend a large amount of time around these kids and form a special bond with our players. With that said though, we have an obligation to play the players that we think give us the best opportunity to win. Please keep in mind it is never a personal issue if a child isn’t playing, it is simply what we think is best for the team.

  4. Reasons for lack of playing time. “The players make out the starting lineup, not the coaches.”

    • Player who is starting is better

    • Attitude

    • Attendance/Punctuality

    • Knowledge/Understanding of Scheme

    • Effort in practice/games

    • Violation of team rules

  5. Guidelines in talking with coaches over player concerns.

    • Set up an appointment.  I will not discuss a situation before or after a game, or before practice.  I WILL NOT DISCUSS PLAYING TIME, OR ANY OTHER PLAYERS ON THE TEAM OTHER THAN YOUR CHILD.

    • Parents are not to talk to or confront an assistant coach about a concern. All these concerns should go through the head coach, Matt Williams at a scheduled meeting.


  6. College Scholarships - We will do everything in our power to help your son meet his maximum potential and sign a college scholarship, but with that said there are many factors that are almost entirely in your son’s control. It is not solely our job to get your son a college scholarship. Our job is to help the team, which should be your son’s goal also, and ultimately will help him in his goal of getting a scholarship.

    • Grades- your son must meet core GPA and test score standards to be a college qualifier.  Poor grades keep a lot of great players from signing college scholarships.

    • Player Conduct/Behavior- college coaches will want to know what kind of character your son has, and we will always be up front with that coach because we don’t want to hurt any of our players from future opportunities at that institution.

    • Ability- we will do everything in our power to help your son sign at the highest level of football possible.  We ask parent to be realistic in gauging their son’s ability in assessing what level of football your son is capable of playing.

  7. Trainers/Handlers- It is parent discretion as to whether your child works with a trainer/handler, but it is my discretion when that becomes a conflict of interest. Your child’s #1 goal should be to be the best teammate they can be and give 100% towards helping this team be successful. That will lead to attention from colleges. Selfish motives and goals are team killers and will not be tolerated.

  8. Parent Conduct - Your conduct as a parent/guardian in the stands, or on the fence, is expected to be POSITIVE. You should be cheering the team on whether we are winning or losing. Any parent who is deemed to have a negative presence in the stands or on the fence will not be tolerated. And could be grounds for your child’s dismissal.

  9. Discipline - Disciplining your child by taking football away is the parent’s prerogative but is not fair to their teammates or coaches. When you let your child join the team, they and you have an obligation to the team. Making the child miss practice as punishment is not acceptable. All are grounds for dismissal from the team. We can be a tool to help with your child’s behavior and can assist you with that and are happy to do so.

  10. Vacations - Taking vacations during the season that cause your child to miss practice and/or games is not acceptable. This is not included in reasons to miss and will not be excused. This is grounds for dismissal from the team.



Group Text Message

We use Remind101 to communicate with players and parents.

  • Varsity Parents: send code @72bac2 to 81010 

  • Players: send code @g86a638 to 81010

  • Freshman Parents/Players: send code @6ee3hce to 81010

Team Social Media


Parents can keep up with announcements and team information on this website, on Facebook (Smyrna Football Fans), Twitter (@SmyrnaFootball), and on Instagram (@smyrnafootballtn)


Final Forms / Physicals


Final Forms need to be completed. All players must have a physical dated AFTER April 15 (per TSSAA), Coach Pitts and Chris Fett will host a night to explain new system. Date/Time TBA.




We do our absolute best to keep parents informed and have a well planned and thought our schedule/calendar. With that said, that calendar is NOT set in stone. Things change due to weather, unforeseen events, and sometimes because it’s what’s best for our football team (extending practice time for poor performance or execution). We ask parents to be understanding and flexible. We will do our very best to keep the schedule as consistent as possible.



If not an emergency. SEE OUR TRAINER FIRST!!!! DON’T RUN TO THE E.R. OR FAMILY DOCTOR! Our trainer is a Certified Athletic Trainer with many years of experience. He can evaluate your child’s injury and determine if they need to be seen by a doctor. If it is determined that your child needs to see an orthopedic doctor, we can help get you in very quick usually.

We ask that if your child is injured that you please use, if possible, our team doctor. He does a great job getting players in quickly and communicates with me so that I know exactly what your child’s diagnosis is and how long he will be out. THE WORST THING YOU CAN DO IS TO TAKE YOUR CHILD TO A FAMILY DOCTOR FOR A SPORTS INJURY! Family doctors treat the flu, etc., orthopedic doctors specialize in sports injuries. His name is Timothy Steinagle, his office number 615-267-6600, he is a member of the Tennessee Orthopedic Alliance and has an office in Stonecrest Hospital here in Smyrna.



  1. Do right!

  2. Do unto others, as you would have them do to you.

  3. Always do your best.


Team Expectations
  • Bullying/Hazing WILL NOT be tolerated and is an automatic dismissal from team!

  • Players will stay after school for ALL game days for pre-game meal. ANY PLAYER THAT IS CAUGHT LEAVING CAMPUS WILL BE SENT HOME AND WILL NOT PARTICIPATE IN THAT GAME.

  • Disrespect towards teammates, teachers, or coaches will not be tolerated

  • Players can be disciplined and/or dismissed for things posted onto the Internet. Watch what you post. (Face book, twitter). They can also be dismissed for getting into trouble outside of school.

  • You are expected to be on time for any team function, practice, etc. You are expected to contact the coach BEFORE the absence unless it is an emergency. If there is an emergency I need to be notified by a parent.

  • Being tardy to school or class will not be tolerated. Players will receive a conditioning punishment during the off-season. If you can’t make it to school on time take a bus!

  • No sagging.

  • I.S.S. - If a player receives ISS that player will receive a running punishment and could be suspended. If you receive OSS, you will be suspended. Number of games is coach’s discretion. OSS could lead to dismissal from the team.

  • You are expected to dress nicely for any football function (banquet). No blue jeans or tennis shoes.

  • On game days you will wear your game day polo. If weather is cold you must have football sweatshirt or letter jacket on over your gameday polo. Only SHS hats are allowed. If you are seen without your gameday polo on you will not dress.

  • Players that are injured must have blue jeans or khaki shorts on with gameday polo. Injured players are not to have cell phone or iPods (headphones) while on sideline.

  • Injured players are expected to be at all practices and team functions. Injured players still need to learn even if they’re not getting reps. (Give Coach Williams your rehab schedule)

  • Weight class is an extension of the practice or game field. You are to dress out and give great effort every day.

  • Locker rooms (and lockers) are to remain clean. A list will be posted. Any player that does not stay to clean will be disciplined. Uniforms are to be turned in neatly (right side out) after game and locker rooms are to be clean after games. Players will be checked off for turning in uniforms.

  • Every player is expected to pull their weight in fundraising. It is not fair for a handful of our players to raise the funds that all the kids benefit from. Please support our fundraisers as a parent.





State Champions 2006 & 2007 | Region Champions 2010,2020,2023 | State Finalists 2010 | Mr. Football 2005 2007 2022

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